Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Flip this Pattern! Part 2 - the Snappy Playdress

For Miss P, I wanted to make a dress using some of the styling from the Boardwalk but with a more streamlined silhouette. 

It's a Boardwalk/Gloria mashup!
For this Boardwalk flip, I was inspired by this dress from a recent Hanna Andersson catalog:

dress by Hanna Andersson
To achieve a similar look, I used the Gloria playdress, also from Peekaboo Patterns, and mashed it with the placket and henley neckline from the Boardwalk. I used the Gloria because it is a more fitted silhouette than the Boardwalk, and I wanted that fit for my dress. I extended the placket to the full length of the bodice (which is longer with the Gloria dress than with the Boardwalk, where it is more of a contrast yoke style) and added interfacing again to support the snaps. I mashed the necklines a bit as well, so I could use the henley neckband from the Boardwalk. I added the gathered skirt from the Gloria dress, and my look was complete!

I'll be entering both of these flips in the linky party over at Frances Suzanne - make sure to check out what the competitors have come up with this month, too!

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