Friday, April 15, 2016

Duds for Dudes! Featuring Mabel Madison Fabrics

It's no secret that I love sewing for my boy child - he gets super excited every time I make something new for him, and wears his handmades proudly.  As an added bonus, I've got a 2-year-old nephew who gets equally excited about the hand-me-downs. AND, that nephew has a little brother on the way, so the boy clothes are getting a lot of love in our family these days. That's pretty good incentive to make sure I use quality fabrics that will withstand a lot of wear and activity.

I've been a fan of Mabel Madison fabrics since I discovered them last year, and their selection of Euro designer (and assorted US designers more recently) fabrics is worth the expense. To be honest, if you've ever ordered a yard of custom knit, you've likely spent more on fabric already. I find myself using the Stenzo knit stars pretty frequently as coordinates for my little guy's clothes, and I really love some of the other knit prints for myself - MM has a great variety of prints and plenty that are grown-up worthy too.

When Emily asked if I was interested in participating in this blog tour, I jumped at the chance. I've actually had this corduroy in my stash since the fall, planning to make a jacket for A, so this was the perfect opportunity to set a deadline for it. It didn't get done in time to be a fall jacket (obviously lol) so it landed on the spring wardrobe list instead. The corduroys that Mabel Madison stocks are a nice fine-wale and super soft. They're fairly lightweight and with a knit lining, they make a great lightweight jacket for cool weather.

I used the Starboard Jacket from Peekaboo Patterns, which is in my file of oldies but goodies. I've made it several times before, and it's a pretty quick and straightforward sew for a fully lined jacket. I love that the elastic at the wrists and in the waistband means I can leave plenty of room for growth but the sleeves and waist will still stay in place.

I made a size 4T for A, as he's nearly 4 and is moving into 4s in most of his tops now. I knew this was a roomy fit, so I didn't need to size up further. The fit was great with a long sleeve tee underneath, and I think he'll probably be able to wear this in the early fall, too. The pit stop print was a huge hit with my racecar-loving kiddo, and I love the finished look, too. Please make sure to check out the other bloggers who are joining the tour this week - so much fun inspiration for our boys!

Thanks again, Emily, for having me!

Friday, April 8, 2016

Blog Tour Time - the EYMM Capsule Skirt!

Miss P and I tested the Capsule Skirt pattern for EYMM last year when it was released, and it was a summer staple for both of us. The fit is fantastic, the drape is flattering, and it is a super quick and easy sew - what more could a pattern offer?

When I made skirts for P last summer I mainly used cotton lycra knits, and I've been itching to try something different. For these, I used a layer of glitter mesh over a slinky knit blend that served as a lining. I used cotton lycra for the waistband so it would still have great stretch and recovery - I wouldn't recommend using anything else, honestly.

Miss P's measurements put her in a size 5 for width and a size 6 for length, so I cut the size 5 waist and waistband, and then cut the size 6 length for the outer (mesh) fabric. The tutorial is very thorough and includes clear instructions for how to blend sizes if that's something you haven't done before. (Also, make sure to take advantage of the layered printing and the no-trim pages - it makes it super quick to assemble!)

I cut on the size 5 hemline for the lining, so it would end up a little shorter than the mesh. I didn't hem either fabric, so I just made sure the side seams were finished and tacked down at the hem.

The girls pattern includes a doll size, so Miss P's American Girl doll got a matching skirt. There's really no easier way to get a good quick photoshoot done - the matching dolly outfit works every time. ;)

We paired the skirts with storebought tees, and both of us loved the finished look. It's glittery and sparkly for my fancy girl, but still plenty casual for everyday wear. She's already asked what other colors of mesh I have in my stash so we can make more, and I'm hoping I can convince her to do a two-tone one next. Wouldn't it be cute to mix and match hues, like aqua and purple, or teal and navy??

Thanks to EYMM for inviting me to join this parade of skirts, and please make sure to check out the other stops on the tour - there's so much inspiration with this versatile pattern!

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