Friday, August 22, 2014

#BundleUp for boys - testing the Lumberjack Shirt

I'll be posting for the Bundle Up blog tour on Monday (I know, big deal stuff! I'm still so excited - and flattered - that I was asked to join!), and the sale is now live here. The sale will run through August 29th, and feature brand new patterns from these amazing designers:

I was actually a tester for the Lumberjack shirt pattern from Patterns for Pirates, and LOVE the finished product. I volunteered to test without actually seeing the pattern, so I had no idea what to expect. The flannel reminded me a bit of my middle school days in the early 90s, and seemed so different from my little guy's "typical" style of bright tees and jeans. Lucky for me, I had hoarded a bunch of clearance heavy brushed flannel remnants from Joann's last winter, and had plenty to work with. I chose the unlined version and used a firetruck interlock to line the hood and cuffs.  (Tip to moms and dads whose little guys only want to wear car fabric - I find if I sneak a little bit of car/truck/bus/train into his clothes somewhere, A loves having a little "secret" and is more willing/excited to wear things that normally he'd shove to the back of his drawer.) 

(And yes, my 2 year old prefers to pick out his own clothes and has strong preferences about color, style, etc. So much for all of the "little guys don't care as much about what they're wearing" that everyone told me when he was born. I blame his father. ;) )

The fit of this shirt is fantastic - it's a more relaxed fit than most oxford patterns, so don't overlook this one in the bundle just because you already have an oxford pattern in your stash! It's got a bit more ease because it's designed to be worn as a layering piece over a tee, and there's an option to line the full pattern and wear it as a nice fall jacket. You can also include the hood, like I did (I am a bit hood-obsessed), or do a collar instead. The sleeves have plackets and the cuffs are attached separately and have a button or snap closure, and there's a pocket pattern piece included as well. No shortage of options here!

Lots of testers took photos on farms, near tractors, or with other awesome backdrops in keeping with the lumberjack theme. Here in the wilds of the New York City suburbs, I don't have a supply of tractors at the ready (though A would LOVE if I did), so we went to our local Home Improvement Superstore (no brand loyalty here ;) ) and staked out the lumberyard. A loved watching the contractors hoist the lumber onto the pallets, and they got a kick out of him singing "Let It Go" as he ran up and down the aisles. 

The Bundle Up Sale runs for one week only, and none of these patterns will be available individually until September 10th. Check out the patterns, build your bundle, and make sure to stop back on Monday to check out the two awesome patterns I sewed up for the tour!

Have a great weekend!