Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy, inexpensive DIY photo backdrop!

Miss P has been complaining lately that our standard backdrops are "boooooorrrrring, Mom." (Say it with an eye roll and a big preschooler sigh, and it will be a more accurate impression.) To be fair, we've been taking tons of photos lately, and I do tend to stick to our more neutral backdrops most of the time. We've been venturing outdoors for more photoshoots, but for a quick and easy set of photos I prefer to stay indoors. 

I've been eyeing a few new backdrops, but of course they're all more variations of neutral. ;) So when I was at Joann's this past week, the faux fur caught my eye. It was on sale, and is a nice wide width (60"), so I picked up 2 yards of the pink (and wow is it pink). For less than $20 I had a nice new 60" x 72" backdrop to surprise my little diva. (She was suitably impressed, thank goodness. Little brother couldn't stop petting it. With his face.)

"It's! And furry!"
It's definitely not neutral, and I doubt it will enter our regular rotation, but it's exactly what Miss P was looking for. Gotta keep our models happy sometimes, ya know?

P's top is a Rio Racerback from Peekaboo Patterns. Everything else is (gasp!) storebought.
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  1. your kids are the cutest and your clothes are awesome, r! when can i buy them! (the clothes, not the kids!)

    1. Thanks, B. I'm still working out some details, but hopefully I'll get some items listed for sale soon...we shall see! :)